Valentine's Day Flash Sale

Valentine's Day Flash Sale

Can you believe how quickly time flies????

We were just celebrating the end of 2021 and before you know it - January is gone.


Well, we are looking ahead and we already see the Valentine’s Day on the horizon. As you may guess, we love Valentine’s Day here at Tufsy. We are jewelry store after all :)

This year we are doing something special. We will celebrate this special occasion with not one but TWO flash sales. That’s good news. The bad news is that they will only last 24h each time. Most of our pieces are very limited edition, most times “the only one edition”, so we do not want to empty our shelves with extended sales.

Anyway - we will hold two events, first on Feb 1st, and the second one on Feb 7th - just to make sure that we can deliver your gifts on time.

The Valentine’s Flash Sales are by invitation only - again, we want to be able to control the access due to limited quantities of our collection.

You can register below to receive a reminder and a special code which will be activated on a day of sale.

See you there!


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