Amber, the symbol of luxury and wealth, is a stone that brings happiness and protection.
It activates the potential that lies dormant in us, and cleanses us of negative energy,
strengthening patience, and calming our nerves and minds. It brings balance and romantic love,
and is a symbol of optimism.


Baltic amber stones are coniferous in origin, and date from around 45 million years ago.
Amber, which is fossilized tree resin, can be found in various parts of the world.
However, in each respective region, amber originated from the resin of different trees
under different conditions and within a different timeframe.

45 million years ago the area of the Baltic Sea was a lush forest, where the warm, almost
tropical climate caused trees to bleed resin. Running down the bark,
this viscous golden substance took with it small insects, plant parts, sand, and water droplets.

Such organic elements encased within amber stones are referred to as inclusions,
and are unique for each fossil.

Polish amber in TUFSY products is commonly considered to be of the highest quality.
Compared to other fossil resins which are too young to be called amber,

Baltic amber has the highest succinic acid content, is particularly valued in medicine,
and is considered the most beautiful type of amber.

This is why it is the oldest and most preferred type of amber used in jewelry.


The name for amber in Ancient Greek was elektron, meaning “made out of Sun.”
The word then turned into “electricity,” since the stone generates static electricity.
It is also thanks to amber that mankind had its first encounter with this phenomenon.
Amber ionizes and improves the energy of our bodies thanks to its negative charge.
The German name for amber is Bernstein (burning stone), as it produces
a bright flamewhen burned,accompanied by a distinct, pleasant aroma.


Amber has been appreciated for its beauty and properties ever since the Paleolithic.
This is why it became one of the first commodities to be traded.
Ancient Greece, Rome, and Arabia valued amber so much that Roman traders
built a thousand-kilometer trade route from Italy to northern Poland just to transport it.
This “Amber Road” was the most well-protected and well-maintained route of those times.

Baltic amber also featured in many beliefsand mythologies.
Ancient Greeks thought it was frozen Sun, detached from the firmament
and sunk in sea. Slavic tribes saw amber stones as tears of their deities,
and Neolithic people considered the souls of the dead to be encased therein.

The ancient people perceived amber stones to have a magic and curative power,
which is why they were the most significant amulets believed to bring luck and ward off the evil.
Furthermore, Baltic amber has for centuries been considered as one of the most valuable medicines.

The first records of its salutary antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which are related
to its high succinic acid content at 3-8%, can be found in the works of Hippocrates.
Amber liquor strengthens our natural immune system, and helps to alleviate the symptoms
of a cold, fever, as well as rheumatic and muscle pain.
It is also used as an ingredient in modern cosmetic and medicinal products.


The stone corresponds to Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius.
It is also associated with two chakras – the solar plexus chakra, the seat of one’s inner strength,
wisdom, and self-confidence, and the sacral chakra that is responsible for the creative life energy
that makes one human.